So yet another delayed POST!!!!!   I bet the only post that won't be delayed is when we finally slaughter a deer!!!

We took part in turkey season during this last spring. Let me tell you it was more fun then we could have imagined.

Mike and us girls headed out to deer camp in the early morning and walked out to the spot carrying the blind and bows. Don't think we were a 1/4 mile down the trace when Mike spotted a group of turkeys at the far end about 200 yds away. He told us to go ahead and get the blind set up where we were, and he would hide on the opposite side of the trace and start calling. Megan tossed her calls to him and he hid, while we quietly (as quiet as we could) got the blind situated. We were two giddy teenagers. 

At first we didn't think they would come back up where they just left, but it was just a matter of time before we heard the gobbles coming towards us...oh we were so excited!!!   With ever gobble we could tell they were getting closer and we were in shock!!!  I do remember some cuss words out of excitement being thrown around!!! 

Mind you we quickly realized that we had forgotten our rangefinders and binoculars that morning. We were going to have to wing it.

There they were 4 of them standing about 35 yards away, I took aim and then Megan said my husband was signaling to wait.   I lowered my bow, and that's when the turkeys changed directions and started to head to the other side of the trace heading straight for my husband.   I knew they were about 60 yards away but I had to take the shot.  I pulled back and the arrow look like it was going to hit, but nope dropped short. Megan pulls back she shoots, but some how grazes the blind with her arrow and drops short.

I asked my husband why I couldn't take the shot when they were just 35 yards away and he said "Oh I didn't realize they were that close, I couldn't see them!".... REALLY, REALLY!!!

With all the rain in Oklahoma our hunting spot was flooded out the following weekend. That was the only chance we had to hunt turkey but it's definitely been added to our spring activities for next year.  

Megan's Hunting Season Recap

Yes, know this is a very late post but thought I needed to do a short recap of my first deer season (before jumping to turkey!).
First season was great--couldn't have asked for a better experience. All the learning and all of the "firsts" was more than I could have asked for; deer grunting or stomping their feet and watching their behavior during rut. Everything was flat-out cool and more fun that I would've imagined. Can't say it enough--I love bowhunting! 
Looking back, I fondly recall sitting in a tree stand with pouring down rain and later learning that Mary had returned to camp 30min earlier. Or, another event where I thanked the heavens above for my tree harness as the wind blew my tree from one side to the next. A joy came from seeing the large bucks on the deer cams. Yes, it was during the late evening/early morning hours but still...big bucks were out there! (posted pics of one of the big guys below)
Had a couple opportunities, but I didn't nabbed a deer. I'm content. Sure, a bit of disappointment but gives me something to look forward to next season. A BIG "first" I'm ready for!

Hello All,

Sorry for the delay in updating our blog!!!   Maybe it wouldn’t have been delayed if we had slayed some deer back during last year deer season…  It wasn’t from the lack of trying on our part.  Megan and I had a lot of close calls during bow season, but unfortunately they would get a whiff of our scent and off they would go.   Let me tell ya… it wasn’t because we didn’t try every product out there guarantee to erase our smell because we did.  It wasn’t because we got up and put makeup on. No, I for one spent most days looking like death warmed over-- you have no idea what some of those scent-away type products will do to a woman’s hair!

During rifle season we just didn’t see any deer—well, maybe one.  Megan and I were coming back in after our morning hunt and there around 175 yards stood this massive 8-10 point buck.  It just stood there looking at us, it was amazing. I slowly picked up my rifle, took aim and wouldn’t you know it, the safety was on. “You’ve got to be kidding me!!!!”  As I switched it off, the buck took off into the woods and was long gone.  *Note to self, when taking aim make sure safety is turned off*

We did get some great pictures of some rather large bucks on our deer cams. These big guys would come into Megan’s area around 8pm till 1am every evening.  Obviously that’s why they are so large-- too smart to come out during the day.

After a very disappointing, but fun, and educational deer season, we loaded up and are now planning and plotting for this year’s deer season.

Stay tuned!!!

Check out these amazing Pic's from Megan's Deer Cam

Hallelujah! Bucks In Daylight

November 16, 2012

Well folks, after weeks of anticipation we FINALLY have a buck on cams during daylight hours--actually two, to be exact. It had been awfully quiet for daytime pics in recent weeks. Haven't seen much of anything to be honest. Pics below (also threw in some good night shots):

Can't help but love this photo...


November 14, 2012

Monday was cold. Yes, 27 degrees cold. The frost collected on our bows during our morning hunt. Very thankful and grateful for the individual who created the Hot Hands! We had those small, sticky packets all over our bodies--looked like white polka dots.

Morning didn't produce anything along with the afternoon/evening sit. Once again, we will give it our best next weekend and hope that one of us (or both!) will finally get the kill. I think we're due.

Enough said.

Rain, Rain, Go Away...

November 13, 2012

Alarm went off at 5:00am and heard thunderstorms in close proximity to us. Then the downpour came soon after and hasn't stopped.

Hoping it tapers off and we can get some afternoon/early hunting. Positive note the cold weather is here. Freeze warning for the overnight hours until 9:00am.

Not A Deer, But...

We do have a kill!

Could He Get Any Closer?!!?

Rut Time

November 10, 2012

Buck fever is in full-swing along with the rut! Morning produced two bucks and a doe (both large 6pts); one of the bucks chasing. Really cool to watch. Had a close opportunity with the buck/doe pair that were venturing towards the food plot, but a dog...yes, a dog...appeared out of nowhere in the trace at full-speed. No surprise the deer were spooked, and once again I left the woods with a good story. Second buck traveled around the area about 40yds out. Tried to pique his interest with a grunt call but no luck.

Evening was quiet. Extremely windy afternoon and evening. Received texts from a few friends and it was equally quiet for them.

Tomorrow's weather is projected to be yucky; chance of extreme storms, rain, and cold weather. Weather man projects the storm to roll out by tomorrow evening, and Monday should be great hunting weather. Clear and cold!

Pulled cam cards last night. Have some great photos, once again, with lots of movement! Mary is really excited about this guy who was in the "swamp" area. He's a looker!

Other photos:

Waiting Game

November 6, 2012

Weekend didn't produce much other than some GREAT cam photos that past week. Too bad the deer didn't want to play. We've been patiently waiting!

Muzzleloader was at full speed so the woods were populated. Friends' photos and texts have continued to roll in of their kills. Would be foolin' ya if I said I wasn't a bit frustrated. Saw two does on Sunday morning, but other than that pretty quiet. Threw out some more feed before weekend's end and called it good. Doing a longer hunt this next week/weekend. Think the deer are starting to chase!

We are ready.

Weekend Off

October 30, 2012
Yes, can you believe it?!!? Us girls took the weekend off from hunting; however, we were hittin' ourselves as the texts and photos trickled in of our friends' weekend kills. All in all, it was for a good cause--tailgate and football!

We'll be back at it again this weekend!

Warm Weather

October 23, 2012
Crazy Oklahoma weather. Weekend was a bust. Not sure if it was due to the warm weather (low/mid 80s) or what. Didn't see movement whatsoever. Both of us came across a doe on Saturday evening, but were sniffed out. Most frustrating part was the anticipation that was built up Friday night. Pulled the cam cards and each had a buck or two within the past couple days--happily surprised and anxious to get in the stands on Saturday morning.
Oh well. That is the ups and down of hunting that we're learning. Our time will come. Definitely putting in the time in the stands!

We were able to accomplish a few works tasks, and scope in the rifles for upcoming season. Mary was able to set-up her new stand for her ground blind, too--she loves it! Photos below:

Megan had a chance...

October 16, 2012

And she blew it! Yes, I blew it. Had the shot. Didn't take it because the animal wouldn't stop when I made my grunt noise. I kinda froze. Didn't know what to do. Had yet to be instructed on what to do if the animal doesn't stop the first time (great excuse, huh?!?). I know, I know. Should have tried again and louder. Rookie mistake. I'm green. I'm learning. All honesty, no excuses here. Most disappointing aspect is that I was so self-assured and excited that she was mine; was going to have a dead animal on the ground. Everything couldn't have been more perfect. She was in my shooting lane about 20yds out, not completely broadside but close enough. Everything was there. Major fail.
To make matters worse, and fairly positive she was the same doe, she came back twice after the fact. It was like she was toying with me, and knew she had me beat. Literally laughing in my face.

I hung my head at the end of day. Could have said a few choice words in frustration. Oh well. Guess I'm a bit more determined to shoot one after this. I'm at the point where I'd rather hope for the best and shoot/miss, then not take a shot at all.
Luckily I can laugh at this now. I guess it is kind of funny.
Off to next weekend...

Mary's Recap

October 9, 2012

So, this hunting with a Bow is a lot harder than it appears on TV. For some reason I thought the deer was supposed to walk right in front of me and position itself so it is completely broadside, leaving me to take a perfect shot. Um…NO! That's not the case...

First thing I learned was…ground blinds are NOT for me. I hate sitting on the ground hearing every little rustling noise, tree branch cracking, and feeling like something is stalking me. I just kept waiting for a mountain lion, coyote, or Jason from Friday the 13th to jump out at me. The first day of hunting I was so scared of hunting in the ground blind alone that I made my husband hunt with me. Did I mention my husband has ADD? He can only sit for less than a minute and then he has to move around. If the sound of him rustling in the blind wasn't enough to scare off the deer, the smell of the gasses he was producing totally did. Don't get me wrong, I love hunting with my husband more than I dislike it, but we do have two different styles of hunting. So, that night I tried it alone…sat in the blind nice and quiet, sprayed myself and the blind with sent blocker, and within 15 minutes, the rustling and noise of the woods had me jumping out of the blind to take a 100 yard walk back to a deer stand. 

This deer stand is about 8 feet in the air and looks down on an empty trace with woods on both sides. It's great during gun season. Anyone who sits there normally shoots a deer. 
About a half hour goes by and out of the corner of my eye I see a Doe, about 50 yards out, crossing the trace. My heart was pounding so hard I was worried the Doe could hear it. As I raised my bow, it looked right at me. “Holy Cow”, it sees me...I play possum. We stare at each other for a good 40 seconds. My arms are tired. The Doe looks back. I get ready to pull back and the Doe takes off into the woods as a baby fawn follows…Oh Man!!!!!   So close…

I turn and position myself to be ready for the next time a deer gets within shooting distance. As soon as I get turned, I hear a noise behind me. I look back and there are two does. They just walked out of the woods…the only problem is…I can’t turn around without them seeing me move. I just sit and watch them look up at me and continue to walk to the other side of the woods.  At that moment I decide to turn in that direction and in mid-move another deer comes out the same direction as the last doe. It’s to my side so I try to move very slowly, and it looks up at me. I just sit possum style again for at least a good minute.  That’s when I see another Doe walk out…and another.  At that moment I knew God was either testing my patience or messing with me. As I try to move to get a shot, one of the does see me and they all take off.  I saw 8 does in less than 15 minutes.   Once I get turned and ready, NOTHING! Yep that’s right nothing…not one deer.  For the love of God!!!!  After that we put a trail cam up in the trace, attached to the deer stand, and got some awesome pics of deer and turkey.  I will post them below.

The next morning I went hunting out of a metal stand, not too far from my ground blind in the field. The night before, my husband saw two bucks walking through this area. We call it the ‘lick area’ because we hung an apple lick up.  Unfortunately, it was a 60 yard shot and he wasn’t prepared.  (To find out he was just sitting on his 4-wheeler watching a movie when he noticed them.)  After about an hour, I look up and see two does playing in the field to the right about 65 yards out.  I turn and position myself.  One of them acts like she’s going to walk the trail right to me, but the other is jumping around and playing, distracting her.  I wait patiently for about 15 minutes, and I see them moving my direction. Then, one of them put their nose in the air and made whizzing noises. Yep, she smelled me! Off they went in the opposite direction. 

Maybe this next weekend I will have better luck…Maybe!!

Here I am in my blind hunting, it was so cold. Megan seen this picuture and wanted to know how I could even see the deer. I had small opening for my eyes. But man was I cold...
This is the view from either side of the trace stand. Great crossing spot for deer...

First Full Weekend

October 9, 2012

Our first full weekend of hunting (actually 3 days!) was a lot of fun. Spent 7+ hours a day in the ground blinds and tree stand. Neither of us walked a way with a kill, but had multiple close opportunities. We're finding out that the deer seem to be moving more in the evening. A lot more action and sightings. Oh, and to add we had our first cold snap. Mornings were in the low 40s with Monday morning at 35--the heat packs were of use in full force!

I had 2 close encounters; Sunday and Monday evening. Two does were traveling on the outer edge of the trace, and piqued their interest with a call. They began to travel towards my clearing but hung out on the right hand side of the shooting lane. Needless to say, my heart started to beat rapidly and excitement began to build along with nerves. I started to say to myself, "I just might have a shot!" Pulled back and ready, the deer were easily within my 25yd shooting circle but couldn't get a clear shot. Lots of small barreled trees with thin, wiry branches. The deer eventually became bored and traveled on.  Needless to say, those wiry branches were removed before leaving camp...and now there is zero excuse for not letting an arrow fly! Monday morning saw little activity but had 2 come within 35 yds that evening. I was sniffed and they split.

And that is another interesting tidbit--I have never heard a deer blow/snort nor watch her stomp her foot. It was so loud! Total first for me. Was quite surprised and baffled by it all.

Overall, it was a great weekend. We both now know the mixture of emotions that flood the body when a deer is in sight...and the intensity that builds when within shot. Too difficult to explain with not enough words to create that perfect mental picture for someone. Such a thrill!


Blooper Reel

As we have now discovered, creating an intro video is not easy. Let me repeat. NOT EASY! Below is our blooper reel. Hope you get a laugh or two. We definitely have!


Here are photos and video from the past few weekends of preparation. Lots of hard work but even more fun!


and have to add a photo with our gal, April...